We have in the past articles contrasted the core difference between the Gospel of Jesus/Yeshua and the Gospel of Paul. The following is a comparison of theological interpretations of the Bible by both Judaism and Gentile Christianity. One is in error of many of the points concerning the Jewish Scriptures. With your current understanding and knowledge of the Word of God and the Jewish Scriptures I invite you to read and compare the respective stances of both camps against the revealed word and will of God in the Bible Jesus used...the Old Testament. Next I invite you to investigate it out for yourself and see which is correct.

Having now read the prior three articles contrasting the contrasting and conflicting "gospels" of Paul and Yeshua concerning how to inherit Eternal Life, it is overwhelming when you consider how Gentile "dogma" has replaced the beliefs and teachings of Judaism..the religion of Yeshua. Below is what Yeshua believed as part of 2nd Temple Judaism and what Rome replaced it with following the destruction of the Temple and the creation of the New Testament over the following centuries. One is a false "gospel" and the other is the "true gospel" and the religious belief system of Yeshua. The only question for you should be…who are you to follow…Yeshua or Rome?


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament- Monotheism, oneness of God as opposed to Trinity.

Gentile Christianity-Dualism or Trinitarianism, the doctrine of the Trinity had not yet been accepted by the Church in the 3rd Century (cf. Encyc. Jud., Vol 10, p. 16.)


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Man is born good. Until the age of accountability (13 male, 12 female) one's sins are the responsibility of one's parents. From the age of accountability one is considered a responsible adult who can choose not to sin.

Gentile Christianity-Man is born evil, a "victim" of original sin; man therefore has no choice but to sin.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-There is no provision for willful sin except repentance and restitution. Man is cut off from God. The Jewish view challenges the doctrine of "eternal security" or "once saved always saved" and the resultant imbalance of "grace and not law".

Gentile Christianity-Man may sin and still be pardoned by God in the next life no matter how he lives if he only "believes" in Jesus. This results in the unbiblical doctrines concerning "once saved always saved" & "eternal security of the believer". Purgatory is the "fire-escape".


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-The adversary is a created being who is in complete subjection to the sovereignty and will of God.

Gentile Christianity-Dualism; there are two equal forces of good and evil in the universe and they are constantly fighting it out (derivation of Persian captivity).


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Sex is good, mandated by God as the first positive commandment in the Bible. (The marriage bed is undefiled.)

Gentile Christianity-Sex is inherently sinful (in sin was I conceived). The sex act is always sin unless for the purposes of procreation. In marriage sex is no longer a "mortal" sin but only a "venial" sin. Christianity maintains that absence from sex is meritorious.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-The synagogue is the core of the religious and secular life of the community. It is not an ecclesiastical structure, and the leaders are paid no salary. It is not hierarchical but rather emphasizes the priesthood of all members of the community.

Gentile Christianity-The church is a building or something one does on Sunday, a religious service instead of a community. It does not have the same organizational structure and leadership levels as ancient Judaism & the early Church (Nasi, Chazan, etc.) It is ecclesiastical and hierarchical.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Met once a week on the Sabbath except for Festivals (emphasis is building families).

Gentile Christianity-Usually twice-three times a week unless special events then can meet nightly (emphasis is building a congregation).


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-The strongest emphasis is placed on teaching and study of Torah (discipleship) to build spiritual maturity in the person.

Gentile Christianity-Preaching has replaced teaching; focus on evangelizing the already saved Sunday after Sunday instead of instructing & teaching them for growth & spiritual maturity through the release of their gifts and service.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Righteous non-members of the assembly will also have a share in the world to come and be saved ("righteous Gentiles"-the righteous of all nations-Noahide Laws) (Matt. 25:1, Rom 2:12-15).

Gentile Christianity-If one does not "believe in Jesus" & "go to church" he will go to hell.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-The sanctification of all of life to God; down to earth and focus on living in the kingdom of God now; not just other-worldly (after death).

Gentile Christianity-Departmentalizes life in sections: secular and spiritual.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-1/3 of your gifts go to the 1) Teachers, choir, maintenance, 2) 1/3 to the benevolence (poor/almsgiving), 3) 1/3 goes to yourself to build yourself up in God (festivals)

Gentile Christianity- Give to churches and ministries; no oversight of the direction of the funds. Does not follow the Biblical tithe.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Saturday as commanded in the Ten Commandments.

Gentile Christianity-Sunday; as based on later traditions-early Church councils of the 4th century. (loss of Jewish roots)


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-The world is divided into 2 camps: Jews & Gentiles, chosen and not chosen. One is either born a member of the chosen people or become a member as a proselyte.

Gentile Christianity-Not a part of Israel, but is a Gentile replacement of the chosen of God. The Jews have been rejected and replaced as God's chosen people by the Gentile church (replacement theology). The church is the "new Israel". Israel is spiritualized and when you read "Israel" in Scripture you are to think of the church, not of physical Israel (at least when blessings are concerned and not the curses; the curses are left for "physical Israel"). The world is divided into 3 camps: Jews, Gentile Christians, and Gentile pagans. Christians have lost their Jewish roots and identity.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Life is seen as a preparation for the world to come. Trials & temptations are from God's hand and are blessings in disguise because they refine our character (James 1:2).

Gentile Christianity-Prosperity; One can write your own ticket by speaking to God, Satan, or the situation using scriptural promises as a formula. Trials & tribulations are a curse, not from God but from Satan, and there is no reason we should experience them if we are uttering positive confessions.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-One cannot know the time of the coming of the LORD nor should one speculate about the future; one should keep his garments white by continual repentance because His coming will be sudden and unexpected.

Gentile Christianity-The LORD's coming is imminent; not to be unexpected for the believer since he will be able to interpret the "signs" of the LORD'S coming. Many offer exact predictions.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Expressed as a response to a belief system through obedience and good deeds (Jas. 2:14-26).

Gentile Christianity-Faith in God, elevating belief above tangible action and obedience. Agreement to an accepted set of doctrine brings acceptance.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Permitted self-defense, legitimacy of defending oneself.

Gentile Christianity-Passive resistance, pacifism.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Hebraic background of the whole Bible (even the New Testament). Proper understanding only possible when viewing the Bible in its original history, culture, and language.

Gentile Christianity-Hellenization of Scripture (viewing the Bible through the eyes of Greek culture and language instead of Hebrew).


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-All men and under the laws of God; to the Jew he was given the Noahide Laws & Mosaic Law as a foundation; to the Gentile he was given the Laws of Noah only. It is the obedience to the laws of God that brings blessing, social order, and blessings from God.

Gentile Christianity-The Law is evil and we are delivered from the commandments of God by faith in Jesus. The Law has passed away and we are under grace.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-There is no merit in poverty.

Gentile Christianity-There is merit in poverty.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Practiced continued immersions throughout life to enter into a heightened Presence of God.

Gentile Christianity-Baptized only once into Messiah.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Every week partook of 3 meals: Friday evening to begin Sabbath, followed by two Sabbath meals.

Gentile Christianity-Name given to Christian Communion consisting of a cracker and a cup of grape juice.


Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament-Celebrates the Festivals of the Lord according to Leviticus 23.

Gentile Christianity-Celebrates the Gregorian Holidays which are all derived from Paganism.


If the above is not an "eye-opener" I don't know what is. What amazes me is the New Testament admonition in Philippians where it says:

Phil 2:5 5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: (KJV)

You may not have noticed it but each category labeled "Biblical Judaism And The Old Testament" reflects what Jesus the Jew believed according to Second Temple Judaism in the First Century. Contrary to it is the below description of what Gentile Christianity today teaches in place of what Jesus believed. What is ludicrous to the "thinking believer" is that one who calls himself a "believer in Jesus" and a "follower of Jesus" holds completely different religious beliefs from which Jesus held sacred. The above list is not exhaustive to be certain but hopefully an "eye-opener" to the fact that many who hold themselves to be "followers of Jesus" are anything but that and such a notion is hypocrisy in the highest level. Having seen the above "opposites" one should wonder how "the" faith once given to the saints was altered and begin to investigate how we have come as Gentiles today to follow "another Gospel" when all along falsely instructed that we are not! The sad fact of the matter is that Gentile Christianity today renders one an "Anti-Jesus" or an "Anti-Christ." [THINK]

Matt 24:24 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (KJV)

Mark 13:22 22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. (KJV)

Answer for yourself: Now upon examination of this list, let me ask you "What does the Bible that Jesus used have to say on these issues?"

Answer for yourself: Which do you think is more correct...the Bible that Jesus used or what you now read in the Roman New Testament?

Answer for yourself: Which are you following and which did Jesus follow?

Answer for yourself: Which of the above comparisons of religious beliefs did Jesus hold and believe in?

Answer for yourself: Do we want the mind of Christ and does this mean accepting the Jewish understanding over the anti-Semitic Roman doctrines we have inherited?

Answer for yourself: Would you ever before God contemplate a change or at least begin serious study of these matters for yourself?

Answer for yourself: What would Jesus want you to believe?

Answer for yourself: What did Jesus believe and what will you now believe when your study convinces you otherwise than the way you have been taught in the Gentile Church?

Answer for yourself: What is God's Religious Belief System and should you not want to make it yours?

A Christian's religious belief system, when tested and exposed to contradictory facts from Biblical languages, Biblical history, Biblical culture, and archeology, must in the Spirit of Truth and Repentance, be flexible enough to change.

Lastly, if you truly love HaShem (God), and Yeshua, in whose name the message of HaShem came to you, although dressed in pagan garb and Pauline replacement religion, then understand that before you die you best look like Israel. You best worship like Israel, you best love the Torah as does the Israel of God. I would not want to die as a Gentile Christian and accepting its false religious belief system and meet your maker believing and living a lie. Too much of what you have been taught by Gentile and Pauline Christianity is direct disobedience to the Commandments of God. Such false teachings robs us of blessing in the world to come and joy we can share with our Maker now. Yes, you learned of God most likely in the church via the name of Jesus. But Yeshua was a Jew, and salvation is of the Jews and not the Christian Church. Best we learn that now while there is time to repent and return to the faith ONCE given to the saints. Shalom…and Baruch HaShem