Many of the "tenants" of Paul's doctrine of salvation as contained in the New Testament have no precedent in Biblical Judaism or the Old Testament.

That means that Yeshua, a Jew, and whom is believed by many to be Messiah, did not nor could not have ascribed to such pagan concepts as put forward by Paul. But most of you know little or nothing of what I say because you were brought up to accept unquestioningly the Pauline writings in the New Testament as if "inspired and God breathed." I have found that to be very unwise over the years as my studies into the origins of Christianity went deeper. This is what you have failed to be taught or studied out for yourself. In place of being a true follower of Yeshua by imitating him and letting his mind be in you, you have unwittingly let "another's" mind be in yours whereby you accept unknowingly a false salvation and will not be aware of such tragic consequences until you die. It is with this hope that I present a detailed understanding of Paul's religious belief system with an emphasis upon his message of salvation.

I challenge all to read the evidence presented and refute it. Please don't quote the passages of Paul from the New Testament as this is the problem as demonstrated on other sites where the New Testament's origin has been put under the microscope and its unreliability for faith and practice demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt once you are in possession of the facts:

Please understand the problem is with the New Testament and what it presents as "truth".

Quoting more New Testament passages only further justifies my claim in light of the background and evidence which can be uncovered by study in these areas. It is our hope at Bet Emet Ministries that you will come to know these truths better for yourself and turn to the Torah with complete faith whereby you begin to esteem and love what Paul would have you believe is a "curse"…the Torah. Just for the record in such study you will have the joy of learning the truth about a Jewish Jesus for the first time in your life. Craig M. Lyons M. Div.