Within the pages of these books can be gleamed truths long destroyed and hidden from mankind by those who manipulated history and the Bible for theological agendas. What I find to be sad and appalling is that those who wish and desire to be real followers of Jesus don't have a chance if all they read their whole lives is the accounts in the New Testament since so much "adultering and doctoring" of the facts concerning the life of Paul and his texts have been done for centuries upon centuries. These courageous authors below have dedicated their lives to intense scholarly study whereby they have recovered long lost truths that selfish and anti-semitic men have withheld from the people that they "religiously" manipulated throughout history. The men who gave us these "theological lies" are dead but the fruit of their efforts remain and are guaranteed by the existence of their redaction of Paul and the events surrounding his life as contained in the New Testament. It is time to learn the truth about Paul because only in stripping away the lies and anti-semitic religious agendas around him and his life can we hope to recover the truth about Yeshua and thereby see the truisms concerning him clearly and only in that way can we intelligently make choices in beliefs and conducts that will guarantee we live and die as "real" followers of Yeshua and not as those who have unknowingly accepted "another Jesus."

I strongly recommend reading the books in order as listed here as the better ones are listed from top to bottom.

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